What exactly is Gateway Education?

Gateway is an Ed Tech company. We provide educational products and services to students, universities and corporate partners.

Is Gateway Education an accredited school?

No. Gateway is not a school and therefore not accredited. We are not required to be. However, we refer thousands of our students every year to our accredited university partners where they complete their academic training and earn highly respected college and university degrees.

What exactly does Gateway Education do for students?

Gateway has a profound impact on the time and cost associated with higher ed. When a student begins his/her academic journey with Gateway Education we will evaluate current academic credits (if any), identify courses that are needed to complete a degree and when appropriate, assist in the transfer of that student to one of our university partners. Gateway offers up to 40 online general education and general elective courses that will transfer into a partner institution for credit. Completing these courses with Gateway will save the student both time and money.

How long does it take to complete a general education course with Gateway Education?

The average time to complete an online course with Gateway is about 7 weeks.

Are textbooks for my Gateway courses expensive?

Actually, there is no cost for textbooks. eBooks are included with each course free of charge.

What’s in it for the university if a student begins their academic experience with Gateway?

Acquiring new students can be expensive and competitive for most any university. When Gateway refers a student to one of its partner universities, there is no student acquisition cost and the student transfers in with a significant number of general education and general elective courses already completed, so the probability of graduation is greatly enhanced.

So, a college or university who wishes to become a Gateway Education partner has no upfront cost to begin a relationship with Gateway?

No. There is no cost to begin a relationship or to maintain it. Gateway is not an OPM, but if needed it can provide a number of services for a fee that may enhance the functionality of the school. There is no student acquisition fee when Gateway and the university work together to promote full degree programs to new students.

Is there a benefit to my company if we choose to use Gateway Education as part of our education benefits program?

Absolutely. There are a number of benefits you and your staff will enjoy as a Gateway partner. Gateway will quickly and affordably move your staff through most general courses required for any degree. Affordable Gateway pricing may double your ROI. Students complete courses faster online, in a flexible environment and at a lower cost.

Our company has very specific needs, can Gateway Education customize a program that addresses our needs?

That is exactly what Gateway does. Our relationship begins with a fact-finding mission that identifies specifically what you need from an education partner. A program is then built around your needs, not ours.

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