For Universities

Student-centered learning with all-encompassing services.

Gateway Education provides an end-to-end bundle of services that manages the entire student life-cycle. While customizable, this includes student acquisition, enrollment, and retention. This allows the institution to focus on core competencies with no upfront costs to acquire students. Gateway Education, as your OPM, is compensated on a revenue-share model. The institution shares a percentage of tuition based on support and services provided by Gateway Education that you select.

Strategy / Marketing / Enrollment

Gateway Education recruits’ new students every single day.  We provide effective, data driven marketing and brand management to achieve enrollment success that will aid university in its academic and financial goals

Curriculum Design

Gateway Education helps educators with the uploading and implantation process of their college and university courses and materials into the online learning platform.

Curriculum Development and eBooks

Gateway Education offers educators pre-built curriculum for general education and general elective courses along with all for the course materials.

Clinical Component

Gateway Education offers clinical placements for our educational partners and manages all clinical scheduling with our healthcare providers.

Online Platform Branding Customization

Gateway Education online learning platform can be customized with your institution’s branding.


Gateway Education offers a wide-variety of training services so that your instructors and admins have a solid foundation of the system and tools to deliver a more meaningful learning experience.

Online Learning Platform & Hosting

Gateway Education, utilizes the world’s fastest growing LMS, with resources and integration tools necessary for rapid growth.

Video Platform & Hosting

Gateway Education offers a market-leading video platform, video player coupled with a next-generation Video Collaboration platform so that you can leverage video to teach, learn, and communicate.

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